Portentous in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Portentous

foreboding, ominous, or threatening

Examples of Portentous in a sentence

Because Jack generally expects the worst, his language is normally portentous and filled with warnings. 🔊

Mark’s portentous voice made him the perfect narrator for the horror movie.  🔊

When the portentous music warned us of the upcoming violence in the film, we all sat up straight in our seats. 🔊

The actions of the portentous monster kept me interested in the otherwise boring play.  🔊

Although no one believed in the psychic’s abilities, we continued to listen as she made one portentous prediction after another about the end of the world.  🔊

The portentous clouds loomed overhead and threatened to ruin my outdoor wedding.  🔊

Despite the fact the hero was surrounded by several portentous guys, he still refused to surrender.  🔊

When the young girl heard the portentous thunder, she jumped into her father’s arms.  🔊

The woman called the police and complained about the portentous man who would not stop following her.  🔊

Although the weatherman predicted sunshine today, the portentous lightning is saying something much different.  🔊

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