Profane in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Profane

vulgar and inappropriate

Examples of Profane in a sentence

Because the comic’s jokes were profane and offensive to our religion, we left the show early.  🔊

Our supervisor’s profane language has led many employees to resign from their positions.  🔊

When the coach heard the referee’s call against his team, he began to yell profane words.  🔊

The seventy-year-old nun has probably never made a profane statement in her life.  🔊

Because the rapper's new song contains a number of profane lyrics, it has been banned from many radio stations.  🔊

The young star’s profane behavior caused his music label to drop him from its roster.  🔊

Although the book is now considered a classic, it was once viewed as profane and banned from public libraries.  🔊

The boy was kicked out of school after he directed a profane tirade at his teacher.  🔊

In the restaurant, we were seated next to a couple that spent the entire night engaged in a profane discussion about their sex life.  🔊

We do not allow our young children to watch movies with profane references.  🔊

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