Scintillating in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Scintillating

remarkably witty

Examples of Scintillating in a sentence

1. The host’s scintillating conversations with celebrities have earned her numerous awards.  🔉

2. During the interview, the clever comedian came up with one scintillating response after another. 🔉

3. The professor’s lecture on genetic mutation was far from scintillating and put most of the class to sleep. 🔉

4. After the critic saw the play, he described it as a scintillating masterpiece that captivates with each line of witty dialogue.  🔉

5. I enjoy engaging in scintillating banter with my online friends. 🔉

6. Throughout the debate, the politician made people laugh with his scintillating remarks. 🔉

7. The drunks at the bar are impressed by their own scintillating chatter. 🔉

8. During the comedic roast, the entertainer was amused by his friends’ scintillating comments about his personal life. 🔉

9. The comedy show’s ratings have dropped because the sketches are not as scintillating as they once were.  🔉

10. While Chris believes he is a scintillating speaker, he is considered by most people to be a dull and humorless presenter. 🔉

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