Sashay in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Sashay

to walk in a way that attracts attention

Examples of Sashay in a sentence

Several high fashion models sashay down the runway by swinging their arms and their hips to the rhythm of the music.  🔊

Donned with a new hairstyle, Lola would sashay down the aisle thrusting her shoulders forward as she would pass David’s cubicle.  🔊

Little Pamela decided to sashay behind her mother by shaking her hips side to side in an attempt to mimic her mother’s attention-seeking walk.  🔊

Next to the boy’s simple walk with one step in front of the other, the girls would sashay down the classroom aisles with their hands on their hips.  🔊

The popular dance required the teenagers to twist back and forth which looked like the teenagers were about to sashay down a runway.  🔊

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