Spoor in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Spoor

the track, trail, droppings or scent of an animal

Examples of Spoor in a sentence

If the police don’t find and start following the spoor of a child abductor within the first two hours, the chances of getting that child back alive start to diminish greatly. 🔊

He felt her watching him when he caught the lightest whiff of her spoor on the night air. 🔊

The scout knelt slowly, reaching down to touch the bear spoor to see if it was still warm. 🔊

When the old hound picked up the escaped inmate’s spoor, the warden had a hard time keeping pace with the hunting dog.  🔊

You really can find anything on eBay, even earrings made from moose spoor!  🔊

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