Syringe in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Syringe

a device used to suck up or inject liquid

Examples of Syringe in a sentence

A turkey baster is a form of syringe that families use on Thanksgiving to suck up the juice from the turkey and make homemade gravy.  🔊

The doctor flicked the syringe twice to make sure there were no air bubbles in the medication before plunging it into the patient’s arm.  🔊

The phlebotomist tied a strip of rubber on the donor’s upper arm, stuck the syringe in a plump vein, and filled three small tubes full of blood.  🔊

Veterinarians use a syringe to give animals liquid medication.  🔊

The crime scene investigators found a syringe filled with an unknown blue substance next to the body and several puncture wounds on the victim’s arm.  🔊

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