Deviation in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Deviation

something that is not normal, or breaks the regular pattern of something

Examples of Deviation in a sentence

I decided to entertain a little deviation from my normal routine when I went out to eat instead of making a sandwich for lunch.  🔊

Troublemakers are often referred to as deviants because of the deviation they display from what is considered moral or lawful behavior.  🔊

Sickness can be considered a deviation from your body’s natural state, since your normal state of being would be healthy.  🔊

Normally the birds would fly south for the winter by now, but for some reason there is a deviation from their usual routine and they haven’t left yet.  🔊

Deviation from obeying the speed limit is what causes dangerous accidents on the road, and why most people choose to follow the rules.  🔊

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