Vilify in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Vilify

to utter slanderous and abusive statements against

Examples of Vilify in a sentence

Halle’s husband tried to vilify her during their child custody battle. 🔊

Unfortunately, the internet and social media have made it very easy for people to vilify their enemies.  🔊

The politician wrote an article to vilify his opponent. 🔊

Because the celebrity felt the magazine editor tried to vilify her as a bad mother, she sued him for slander.  🔊

The media is always trying to vilify big corporations as greedy monsters who care about nothing but money.  🔊

While I do not like my sister, I never meant to vilify her to my mother.  🔊

After Jason was dumped by Laura, he did everything he could to vilify her to their friends.  🔊

Because I took away my daughter’s mobile phone, she decided to vilify me on Facebook.  🔊

When we are threatened by those who do not agree with our opinions, we often choose to vilify them to others.  🔊

Chelsea had no idea her best friends were trying to vilify her so she would lose the election.  🔊

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