Warily in a Sentence  πŸ”‰

Definition of Warily

carefully; with caution

Examples of Warily in a sentence

1. The wealthy woman watched warily as the three suspicious men walked by her luxury car. πŸ”‰

2. As the detectives approached the house, they looked around warily in case the suspect was hiding outside. πŸ”‰

3. The two boxers warily circle each other. πŸ”‰

4. From the front porch railing, the cat stared warily as the dog walked into the yard. πŸ”‰

5. The doctor told me to watch warily for side effects of the medication. πŸ”‰

6. Hoping she would not come face-to-face with her kidnapper, the victim warily looked around the corner. πŸ”‰

7. Since I was hesitant to date after my last failed relationship, I warily accepted Aaron’s dinner invitation. πŸ”‰

8. The confused dog warily approached the screaming baby’s crib. πŸ”‰

9. Because my daughter had never met her father, she eyed him warily when he reached out for a hug. πŸ”‰

10. The small child warily looked both ways before running into the street to retrieve his ball. πŸ”‰

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