Allusion in a sentence

10 example sentences for Allusion

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Allusion - Definition

»  a statement that refers to something indirectly; an indirect reference

Use Allusion in a sentence

  • The author’s new book contains an allusion to mythological gods.

  • While the president’s speech seems original, it contains an allusion to a speech made by another world leader.

  • Helen included an allusion about her ex-boyfriend in her song.

  • Although the article makes an allusion to the suspect’s identity, it never actually mentions the person’s name.

  • His blog made an allusion to the basketball player’s drug use.

  • One of the requirements for the essay is an allusion to a literary work.

  • No matter how hard she tried, Abigail could not understand the biblical allusion in the poem!

  • The journalist made an allusion to the actor’s recent arrest.

  • Even though the students in the class were all very bright, they had a hard time understanding the allusion made by their teacher.

  • The purpose of the allusion in the story is to make you think of Christmases past.

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Allusion Synonyms

hint, infer, implicate, suggest, innuendo, insinuate

Allusion Antonyms


Related Forms

allusive (adjective), allusively (adverb), allusiveness (noun)

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