Disdain in a sentence

10 example sentences for Disdain

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Disdain pronounciation

Disdain - Definition

ยป  lack of respect with a feeling of dislike

Use Disdain in a sentence

  • Pacifists are likely to disdain my right to gun ownership.

  • I have an utter disdain for people that want something for nothing.

  • The mother was in complete disdain after finding out her son failed the sixth grade again.

  • The woman looked at her male abuser with disdain as he walked into the courtroom.

  • I have so much disdain for cheaters.

  • You risk disdain and banishment from your parents by getting pregnant at age 14.

  • If you disdain the American Government so much, then why don't you move to China?

  • It is evident from the media coverage that New York protesters have great disdain for Wall Street.

  • Discovering that I didn't really win a million dollars would leave me in disdain.

  • You should not disdain handicap people based on their disabilities.

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Disdain Synonyms

hate, disregard, despise, scorn, contempt, arrogance

Disdain Antonyms

favor, praise, respect, like, admiration, admire

Related Forms

disdain (noun), disdaining (adjective)

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