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Definition of Mundane

found in the ordinary course of events

Examples of Mundane in a sentence

My mundane life of working at a dead-end job for the last decade is getting old.

From the exciting to the mundane, I will share all of my experiences with you.

Though his friends were having a fun time at the bar, Kevin settled for a mundane evening at home.

Mundane thinking will only take you so far in innovation.

If you want to escape from the mundane, get out of this boring town!

Don't settle for a mundane weekend on the couch - go skydiving!

I wish we had a dishwasher to handle the mundane task of washing dishes every night.

Bob's mundane afternoon consists of taking out the trash, cleaning the dishes, watching a soap opera, and squeezing in a nap.

Your mundane reasons for why you plop on the couch instead of working towards a career are not acceptable.

We are shaping up to have a mundane weather pattern all week with temperatures expected to reach 92 degrees everyday.

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