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10 example sentences for Mundane

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Mundane - Definition

ยป  found in the ordinary course of events

Use Mundane in a sentence

  • My mundane life of working at a dead-end job for the last decade is getting old.

  • From the exciting to the mundane, I will share all of my experiences with you.

  • Though his friends were having a fun time at the bar, Kevin settled for a mundane evening at home.

  • Mundane thinking will only take you so far in innovation.

  • If you want to escape from the mundane, get out of this boring town!

  • Don't settle for a mundane weekend on the couch - go skydiving!

  • I wish we had a dishwasher to handle the mundane task of washing dishes every night.

  • Bob's mundane afternoon consists of taking out the trash, cleaning the dishes, watching a soap opera, and squeezing in a nap.

  • Your mundane reasons for why you plop on the couch instead of working towards a career are not acceptable.

  • We are shaping up to have a mundane weather pattern all week with temperatures expected to reach 92 degrees everyday.

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Mundane Synonyms

everyday, ordinary, banal, routine, uninteresting

Mundane Antonyms

heavenly, nontemporal, unearthly, unworldly

Related Forms

mundanely (adjective), mundanity (noun), mundaneness (noun)

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