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Definition of Perfunctory

done routinely and with little interest or care

Examples of Perfunctory in a sentence

The beauty queen waved so often that her greeting was simply perfunctory.

Since I was extremely ill, I was shocked when the doctor only gave me a perfunctory exam.

Because Anne has done the same tasks at work for many years, she does them in a perfunctory way.

When we went out to dinner last night, the bored hostess gave us a perfunctory hello.

While you may see this as a perfunctory job, you are still required to do it correctly!

Happy to be on his own, Tom only made perfunctory phone calls to his parents on holidays.

Since the manager had meetings all day, he only gave me a perfunctory interview.

When I called the office, the receptionist answered the phone in a perfunctory manner.

Kate gave us no more than a perfunctory glance as a greeting.

You should know my initial review is based solely on a perfunctory examination of the project.

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