Preposterous in a Sentence

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Definition of Preposterous

contrary to nature, reason, or common sense

Use Preposterous in a sentence

  1. His idea of selling dead bugs for big money is totally preposterous!

  2. Even though the plan sounds preposterous, I think it can be done.

  3. The new laws are preposterous and will not solve the real crime issue.

  4. Although you are a fast runner, it is preposterous to think you can catch that car on foot.

  5. Anyone who drives under the influence is behaving in a preposterous manner.

  6. While everyone knew Ellen had some unusual habits, her preposterous claim of being an alien really concerned some people.

  7. The movie’s preposterous ending included a six-year-old serial killer who got rid of people by giving them poisoned candy.

  8. Although I normally adore John Smith’s novels, I am turned off by the preposterous storyline of the author’s latest book.

  9. It is preposterous to assume you can pass a college entrance test without studying.

  10. If you believe that preposterous story, then you are sure to believe my story about the dog that gave birth to a peacock.

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Preposterous synonyms

crazy, foolish, insane, ridiculous, nonsensical, bizarre, absurd, ludicrous, unthinkable

Preposterous antonyms

reasonable, realistic