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10 example sentences for Tawdry

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Tawdry - Definition

»  cheap and poor in appearance or quality

Use Tawdry in a sentence

  • Everyone is always expecting a politician to have a tawdry affair.

  • Although Aunt Eloise had lots of money, she always wore such tawdry jewerly.

  • Most people consider reality shows to be tawdry forms of entertainment.

  • Have you ever read any of those tawdry stories in that gossip magazine?

  • When you viewed the handbag up close, you could tell it was a tawdry knockoff.

  • Because Herman did not want people to think him tawdry, he always bought the most expensive clothes on the market.

  • Despite the fact Angelina plays a tawdry woman on television, she is actually very sophisticated in real life.

  • The white dress was thin and tawdry.

  • Ginger’s tawdry taste in clothes totally embarrassed her teenage daughter!

  • Henry tried to make his tawdry apartment appear nicer by having it professionally painted.

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Tawdry Synonyms

cheap, tasteless, poor, showy, tacky, flashy, trashy, sleazy, flaring, shabby

Tawdry Antonyms

elegant, graceful, plain, refined, simple, stylish, tasteful

Related Forms

tawdrily (adverb), tawdriness (noun)

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