Pedantic in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Pedantic

giving too much importance to details and formal rules

Examples of Pedantic in a sentence

Sometimes, Jason is so pedantic in writing the perfect paper that he forgets to properly manage his time.  🔊

As a grammar teacher, it is hard for me to not review everything with a pedantic eye.  🔊

While Bess wants to encourage her daughter Lauren to do well in school, she often gets too pedantic when reminding Lauren of the rules and expectations.  🔊

My father is a pedantic man who usually misses all the vacation fun because he is busy reviewing travel documents.  🔊

Greg’s pedantic way of analyzing every word in a sentence makes him a huge asset to the publishing company.  🔊

Although I am a decent proofreader, I do not believe I have the pedantic skills necessary to be a good editor.  🔊

Because Irvin wanted to impress his friends by being pedantic, he decided to point out all the grammar flaws in the president’s speech.  🔊

If the new writer is not more pedantic in checking her language rules, she will lose her job on the newspaper.  🔊

Since the teacher said the purpose of this essay is to show off our pedantic skills, I will make sure I focus on the grammar practices I learned in class.  🔊

When the teacher covered my daughter’s term paper with red marks, I felt she was being way too pedantic in her review.  🔊

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