Boondoggle in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Boondoggle

a simple craft-like creation usually made by a pioneer or outdoorsy person

Examples of Boondoggle in a sentence

The troop leader had his scouts make a boondoggle with the yarn and plastic loops in order to be used as a keychain.  🔊

With the simple instructions, the children were able to do the easy weave of the plastic cord which they showed their parents the boondoggle they made at summer camp.  🔊

Using a geometric pattern, the shiny boondoggle revealed a specific way of intertwining the heavy thread so it could be used as a placemat.  🔊

Even the youngest children could take the stiff string and braid it into a boondoggle as a souvenir from the day camp.  🔊

Hanging from her locker was a colorful boondoggle that the girl had made in Sunday School by weaving the plastic cords together.  🔊

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