Razbliuto in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Razbliuto

used to describe the feeling of having once loved something but no longer feeling the same way about

Examples of Razbliuto in a sentence

My feeling of razbliuto was for my past love, who I once felt great passion for but now only detested.  🔊

Razbliuto is a term used to refer to the very specific emotion of not caring for something that you once did.  🔊

Romeo had a feeling of Razbliuto for Rosaline, who he once loved but did no longer after he met Juliet.  🔊

Razbliuto is most easily described in regards to love, as many people no longer feel anything for those they once loved when they were younger.  🔊

Many teenagers will experience Razbliuto in their lives, as they rarely continue to love the people they had a crush on in their high school years.  🔊

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