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Definition of Consternation

a feeling of worry, shock, or fear - often happens when something unexpected happens

Examples of Consternation in a sentence

I sleep in consternation not knowing where my keys are.

Full of consternation at first, the boy now thinks he aced the pop quiz.

Discovering a water bug crawling on the ceiling left me in consternation for hours.

All it took was one pit bull attack for the girl to have a permanent consternation for dogs.

The horrific nightmare filled the woman with consternation.

Witnessing a gruesome car accident paralyzed the woman with consternation.

Face your fears to shed the feeling of consternation.

Opening up my unexpected $400 electric bill has me brimming with consternation, especially since I have no way of paying it.

His sudden consternation for heights is all thanks to a hot air balloon accident he witnessed on live television.

A tornado will certainly induce consternation among the entire town.

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