Discursive in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Discursive

talking or writing about many different things in an unorganized manner

Examples of Discursive in a sentence

When the writer was drunk, he often talked for hours in a discursive manner.  🔊

The professor’s lecture was hard to follow because of its discursive tone.  🔊

Confused by the question, the politician gave only a discursive response to the reporter.  🔊

Although I paid a great deal of attention to the debate, the discursive dialogue really confused me.  🔊

Because he was nervous during his speech, the young boy lost his train of thought and began to speak in a discursive way.  🔊

The mentally ill suspect was discursive when asked about his whereabouts on the night of the murder.  🔊

As a law student, you should be prepared for a series of discursive questions on legal ethics.  🔊

The author’s writing style was discursive and hard to comprehend.  🔊

Even though Joanna was normally a very organized person, she made a discursive speech during the graduation ceremony.  🔊

When Harry spoke in that discursive style of his, he went from topic to topic but made little sense.  🔊

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