Prodigious in a sentence

10 example sentences for Prodigious

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Prodigious - Definition

»  very large in size, force, or extent; enormous

Use Prodigious in a sentence

  • Since Stan’s car accident, he has been taking prodigious amounts of pain pills.

  • After overindulging in a prodigious meal, I really needed a nap.

  • She is very proud of her son who has a prodigious talent for playing the guitar.

  • As evidenced by her excessive weight, Amber has a prodigious appetite.

  • The magician held the audience’s attention with several prodigious tricks.

  • Despite his disability, Harlen has made many prodigious accomplishments.

  • Organizing the fundraiser was a prodigious task for us.

  • I am afraid of the wrestler because of his prodigious size!

  • Although she was eager to try new things, Jane was hesitant to do a prodigious stunt like jumping out of an airplane.

  • A die-hard reader, my Aunt Edith has a prodigious collection of books.

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Prodigious Synonyms

huge, massive, giant, enormous, tremendous, immense, monstrous, immeasurable

Prodigious Antonyms

tiny, little, negligible, small

Related Forms

prodigiously (adverb), prodigiousness (noun)

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