Raze in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Raze

to demolish

Examples of Raze in a sentence

As part of his campaign promise, the mayoral candidate pledged to raze all neglected properties that were unfit for human life. 🔊

Officials struggled with deciding whether or not to raze the abandoned church to make room for a parking lot. 🔊

The commercial builder has plans to raze the buildings and develop the area into a series of strip malls. 🔊

After losing the majority of their home in a fire, the Smiths decided to raze their entire residence and build afresh. 🔊

The decision to drop the bomb should not be taken lightly as the power of the weapon could raze an entire town. 🔊

When the billionaire learned of the city’s plans to raze the neighborhood he lived in as a child, he launched a major marketing campaign to save the community. 🔊

Residents of the mostly Christian town are upset about the developer’s plan to raze an abandoned mall and turn it into a gigantic casino. 🔊

When the troops came through the village, their mission was to raze everything and leave nothing standing. 🔊

In a few moments, the bulldozer will raze the old nursing home to make room for a modern retirement center. 🔊

As a pro-environmentalist, I am against the hotel developer’s plan to raze the rainforest in order to build a luxury resort. 🔊

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