Wasteland in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Wasteland

an unused area of land that is barren and devoid of growth

Examples of Wasteland in a sentence

The desert is a barren wasteland, with little in the way of vegetation or life, and no hope for becoming something more bountiful anytime soon. 🔊

As we traveled across the land, we found ourselves in a barren wasteland, a place where nothing grew and there was no life to be seen anywhere. 🔊

A fire will often transform a great forest into a barren wasteland, burning down and dispersing all life and leaving only waste behind. 🔊

When the bomb was dropped on the woods, it blasted away everything and left only a smoldering crater, turning the place into a wasteland. 🔊

When you are traveling across a wasteland, it is difficult to find anything to eat or drink because there is little in the way of life around. 🔊

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