Game-Changer in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Game-Changer

an event or idea that dramatically changes the course or process of something

Examples of Game-Changer in a sentence

The invention of the tank was a major game-changer for the face of war, which had relied on cavalry before troops were mechanized.  🔊

The invention of harnessed electricity was a game-changer for all of humanity, allowing us to power our lives and replace obsolete machines and substances.  🔊

The events of the Cuban Missile Crisis were almost a game-changer for the Cold War, nearly transforming the tense stalemate to a full-blown nuclear conflict.  🔊

The use of plate armor in medieval combat was a game-changer, forcing weapons to stray away from noble blades and devolve into smashing weapons that could defeat new armor designs.  🔊

Whoever invented the bow and arrow introduced the biggest game-changer both hunting and warfare had ever seen for hundreds of years.  🔊

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